Rusty’s Bodywerks founder is Oscar A Hoyt IV whose nickname since birth is “Rusty”.  Oscar was born with reddish tint to his hair giving him his nickname.  Oscar chose to name his business after his nickname “Rusty” because it was the name that close friends and family called him. Rusty sees his clients as friends and family so it was only fitting to use “Rusty” as a way to welcome clients into a trusted business relationship with him.

Rusty always had a knack for working on things.
  Even as a toddler he would “help” his dad work on the family’s 1965 VW bug.  Later he would work on the neighborhoods bicycles and eventually he found his passion for collision repair at a high school auto body program.

Rusty excelled at collision repair and was employed by some of DFWs most elite collision repair shops.  He has been trained by Mercedes Benz, BMW, Lexus, and has many years of experience with all makes and models.

Throughout his career, Rusty has experienced massive changes in the collision repair industry. It was the frustration of working at a repair center that cared more about their insurance “partners”  bottom line than making safe repairs that drove Rusty to want to open his own shop.  He knew he could do better than most of the collision repair industry.

 It took his lovely wife, Marilyn Hoyt, persuading him to open his own shop to get the ball rolling. 

Once Rusty took the step there was no stopping him.  Rusty’s Bodywerks has been focused on making correct repairs since its opening day. This is often means investing in the modern repair equipment, lots of training, becoming certified repair center and most importantly standing up to bully insurance companies that want a car fixed to the dangerous “industry Standard.” ***”Industry standard” means ignoring required repair procedures, using junk yard parts and the popular and dangerous aftermarket parts.”

“Safe Repairs Save Lives” has been Rusty’s Bodywerks motto.  If you’re looking for a collision shop owner that understands how much you love the occupants of your car or even the passion you have for your car itself.  Rusty understands more than you will ever know.