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parts of a car coming together

And why that matters to you...

Benefits to you as the vehicle owner.

Safe just like the day it was built

At Starr Collision, we only let the engineers that designed and manufactured your vehicle decide how it gets repaired. This is why all of our repair technicians only follow the manufacturer's guidelines (OEM procedures). This ensures your car is repaired as safely as the day it was built.

Maintain your car's warranty

By having us repair your vehicle per the OEM Repair guidelines, all factory warranties and safety standards will be maintained.

Imperceptible repairs

While the shiny paint and appearance is important, it's what is underneath the surface that matters the most. Most shops will cut corners to save time and money on repair steps you may not notice at first. At Starr Collision we follow all OEM guidelines to ensure no steps are skipped.

Retain your resale value

When your car's repair is to the original manufacturer's standard and always performed as they stipulate, you can retain more of your vehicle's resale value.

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